What is one thing we all wish we had more of? Time. Time for family, business, sleep or leisure activities. An organized environment helps save time.

I will help you:

  • Clear clutter (Can't decide what should stay or go? I can help you decide.)

  • Remove purged items (Donation resources, Shredding services, Junk removal)

  • Create functional spaces using what you already have or providing new solutions

  • Teach you how to maintain these new systems in your home 

  • Prepare you for a move/renovation and assist with post-move/renovation unpacking

My approach is flexible. I can help you collaboratively or hands-off. I can serve as a consultant, guiding you through the process letting you do it all yourself or do it all for you after pinpointing exactly what your needs are. I will respect your stuff. All services are 100% confidential.

Purging & De-cluttering

Not sure if you should keep those 6th place trophies from 1984? Don't know what to with old paint or your collection of thimbles? Sometimes people seek permission to toss or repurpose items that are taking up space. I can help with decision making as well as relocating unwanted or under-utilized items.

Closet Organization

After taking inventory and deciding which items stay or go, I can put your existing closet back together to maximize space and functionality. Need a whole new closet system? I have resources and can collaborate with them to create the best storage for your needs.

Kitchens & Pantries

The kitchen is the heart of the home. I hate it when I can't find the lid to my Tupperware or a needed ingredient in my pantry. An organized kitchen increases efficiency and saves time. I can help you rearrange what you already have or guide you to new systems or shelving.

Pre- and Post-Move or Renovation 

Need to get ready for a home renovation or a move? Downsizing? Not sure where to put stuff in your new space? I can help with creative solutions in your new space, whether it be one room or a whole house.

Playrooms & Basements


We all know kids are messy. And it's easy to park unused or hardly-used items in the basement, only to be rediscovered years later. Let me help you sort, purge and find storage solutions that work for you.

Garages, Laundry and Mudrooms

"Honey, have you seen the Philips head screwdriver?" "Mom, did you wash my baseball uniform?" It's easy for these areas to be dumping grounds. It doesn't have to be that way. I can help.

2Square1Organizing, LLC
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