About Me

My first career was working as a speech-language pathologist with adults at a Level 1 Trauma Center. After having children I noticed I had difficulty keeping up with what seemed like endless amounts of  stuff. Clothes my kids had grown out of were starting to pile up, kids' toys were all over the place, I couldn't find anything in my kitchen because it was so disorganized, and the garage became a dumping ground. I was wasting time locating items needed to complete simple tasks and couldn't focus at home because the clutter was such a distraction. My stuff was owning me. I had the skills but didn't have time to put things in order.  I started 2Square1 thinking there must be lots of busy people like me who wanted to live more efficiently, productively, and with less clutter and distraction.

Does this sound like you?

Let me help you get your home and life in order. Reduce stress, increase focus, and save time. My goal is to restore order, create functional spaces, and teach busy people systems they can implement and maintain in their homes so chaos stays away. Call or email me to set up a free consultation today.

2Square1Organizing, LLC
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